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Construction Accident Attorney in Sacramento, California

Experienced Help for Construction Workers Injured on the Job

Every construction worker has witnessed accidents and experienced close calls. And when it finally happens to you, you worry about the lost income and whether you can fully recover from your injuries.

I am attorney Cezar Torrez. I have helped construction workers across California with their workers’ compensation claims and appeals. I can also pursue any lawsuits you may have against third parties. Call me today.

Construction Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

My law practice is devoted to representing injured workers. Back in college, I worked construction jobs, so I have some firsthand experience with the dangers of construction sites. I represent carpenters and painters, electricians and plumbers, roofers, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers and others in the building trades.

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You are entitled to medical care and disability benefits for any on-the-job injury, such as:

  • Falls from roofs and other heights

  • Ladder or scaffolding accidents

  • Machinery and power tool injuries

  • Slip-and-fall injuries

  • Chemical exposures

  • Burns or electric shock injury

  • Heavy equipment accidents (backhoe, crane, skid loader, forklift)

  • Vehicle accidents on-site or between job sites

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied or if the insurance company is trying to terminate your benefits, you can count on me for skilled and aggressive advocacy.

Third-Party Lawsuits in Construction Accidents

You can’t sue your employer, but you might have a legal claim against other parties who are not in your chain of employment. For example, if another subcontractor on the job site created the dangerous condition that caused your accident, you might be able to sue for personal injury compensation in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

I can represent you in lawsuits against the property owner, utility company or material supplier, or manufacturer of faulty construction equipment. Such a lawsuit allows you to collect for pain and suffering and other damages not available under workers’ comp.

A Hard-Working Lawyer for Hard-Working People

The Law Office of Cezar J. Torrez is located in the Sacramento area, but I handle construction accidents and workers’ comp claims statewide, including the Bay Area and Southern California. Call me for a free consultation or contact me online.