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Safety Tips for Working on A Ladder

The Law Office of Cezar J. Torrez May 2, 2023

In many industries, falls are one of the major reasons why injuries happen every year. For example, they are the top reason for fatal accidents in the construction industry. A lot of these falls happen when workers are using ladders to reach elevated positions.

That being said, there’s often no way to avoid ladder accidents in these industries. The key becomes ensuring that all workers know how to do so safely and properly. Here are a few important tips that can help.

Consider Your Own Physical Condition

If you’re feeling dizzy, tired, fatigued or sick, never climb a ladder. Even losing your balance for a split second could lead to a catastrophic accident. You should also not use a ladder if you have been drinking alcohol or may be impaired by other substances, such as prescription drugs.

Focus on Three Points of Contact

If you are climbing a ladder, it’s important to do so in a slow and controlled manner. The goal is to have three points of contact at all times. If you’re holding on with both hands, you carefully move one foot up to the next rung and ensure you’re secure before moving your hand or the other foot. Never rush or try to hurry up a ladder, even if there is pressure to get the job done. Never skip rungs.

Consider the Setup

A lot of ladder falls happen because the latter was set up improperly. If the angle is not steep enough, for instance, it can slide forward so that you fall down the face of the structure. If the angle is too steep, the ladder may seem secure until you get to the top, but your own weight can cause it to tip backward. The ladder should also be set up on a firm foundation that is not slick or wet.

What if You’ve Been Injured?

Safety tips definitely can help, but injuries happen all the time. Workers who have suffered serious injuries on the job need to know how they can seek proper benefits.