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5 Job Hazards Faced by Health Care Workers and Supporting Staff

The Law Office of Cezar J. Torrez May 2, 2023

Nursing and nursing assistants are among the many health care workers who face job-related hazards that the average person can only imagine. Exposure to infections and chemicals along with workplace attacks sometimes happen inside hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Any of these situations may lead to severe and even career-ending injuries for health care workers who every day face such rigors while helping patients heal, and hospitals, clinics and nursing homes operate.

It Takes a Village to Run a Health a Facility

The list of health care facility workers who face on-the-job hazards are many and includes those in maintenance, waste disposal and housekeeping. Others include cafeteria workers, dieticians, phlebotomists, emergency medical technicians, security guards, paramedics, technologists, social workers, and physical and occupational therapists

It takes a number of different people in an assortment of jobs to keep health care facilities running efficiently. But, sometimes, complications surface, threatening that efficiency and threatening the safety of the workers.

Back Injuries and Exposure to Hazardous Materials

The list of job hazards for health care and health care facility workers includes:

  • Physical hazards: Continuous lifting of patients and medical supplies may lead to musculoskeletal injuries. Back, shoulder and neck injuries are not uncommon.

  • Exposure to Infections, viruses and bloodborne pathogens: COVID-19 can quickly spread from patients to health care workers. Blood, saliva and other bodily fluids may contain pathogens that lead to HIV and hepatitis.

  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals and materials: Hospitals may contain mercury, disinfectants, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and ammonia, which may lead to respiratory and other health problems.

  • Stress: Face it, dealing with patients with great health care needs may be taxing on a health care worker’s physical and mental health.

  • Violent attacks: Assaults caused by unstable patients, angry family members and disgruntled co-workers may lead to severe injuries for health care workers.

Health care workers face these job hazards every day, and their protecting them is crucial.

Experience to Guide Health Care Workers

The list of hazards may surprise many people. However, it may not surprise workers within the health care industry. They understand the dangers that may confront them while on the job. Their employers also must understand this and do their best to ensure their safety. The Law Office of Cezar J. Torrez is led by Mr. Torrez, a Spanish speaker, who has experience guiding health care workers injured on the job.